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RectorSeal 87031 PRO-Fit™ 3/8" to 1/2" Reducer Quick Connect

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RectorSeal 87031 PRO-Fit™ 3/8" to 1/2" Reducer Quick Connect

PRO-Fit Quick Connect fittings are designed to connect refrigerant lines without an open flame, brazing, or swaging. They are suitable for joining refrigerant lines in seconds after cutting the line, deburring the ends, and push to connect.


  • Provides leak free connections for refrigerant lines without the need of an open flame, brazing, flaring or swaging.
  • Join refrigeration lines in seconds by simply cutting the lines, deburring the ends, and push to connect.
  • Patented leak-resistant, double O-ring & grip ring seal design for both CFC & HCFC refrigerants
  • Heavy duty, corrosion & UV resistant brass body with sight window for connection verification
  • Perfect for mini-split installations. PRO-Fit Quick Connects offer a time-saving, complete installation system covering line set sizes from 1/4" thru 7/8" in multiple configuration options - unions, elbows, reducers, elbow reducers, sockets & service


Refrigerant lines can be push fit by hand into the PRO-Fit Quick Connect fittings in seconds to form a leak free connection - up to 870 psi (60 BAR) - without using a torch, flux or solder, flaring or swaging tools or expensive & cumbersome crimping connection tools. Time saving, innovative solution that eliminates system refrigerant leaks due to poor flaring or incorrect torqueing & system damage from oxidation as the result of improper brazing.

Recommended For

For use on mini-split or unitary systems designed for Single Family and Multi-family residential use. Use only with copper or coated aluminum linesets. Ideal for connecting linesets to unitary indoor coils.

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