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Cambridge 3/4" x 6' AC Electrical Whip Kit w/Plastic Ends, 8/3

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Cambridge 1/2" x 6' AC Electrical Whip Kit w/Plastic Ends, 10/3

Cambridge AC whip kits offer a simplified installation; the pre-attached wires and connectors in the whip kit reduce the time and effort required for connecting electrical components during the HVAC system installation. The electrical whip is designed to withstand outdoor conditions, protecting the wires and connections from moisture, UV rays, and other environmental elements, while the PVC ends are very strong and durable. The flexible conduit allows for easy bending and routing, accommodating various installation scenarios. The electrical whip kit helps minimize the risk of electrical hazards during installation, providing a safe and reliable electrical connection. All kits are designed to meet electrical code requirements for HVAC installations, ensuring safety and compliance with local regulations.


WIRE SIZE: 2 x #8, 1 x #10
MATERIAL: Non-Metallic Connectors



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