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Blue Monster 70174 Ultra-Flex® Abrasive Cloth, 2" x 10 yard roll

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Blue Monster 70174 Ultra-Flex® Abrasive Cloth, 2" x 10 yard roll

2" Wide Abrasive Cloths - 33% Wider Than Traditional Plumber's Rolls and 100% Waterproof

From the recognized leader in abrasives, Mill-Rose brings you Blue Monster premium open mesh and Ultra-Flex® abrasive cloth. These revolutionary, high-performance abrasives are tough! Blue Monster outlasts all others in the most demanding conditions, wet or dry. Ideal for deburring and cleaning tubing, fittings and parts, Blue Monster works on copper, brass and other metals, as well as all types of plastic. Blue Monster’s exclusive extra width (33 1/3% more material) provides more cleaning surface for large diameter tube and fittings. Blue Monster Abrasive Cloths provides contractors with more "surface-to-surface" coverage.

  • Super flexible Ultra-Flex® backing conforms to tight work areas. Blue Monster is unlike any other sand cloth. You can actually feel the difference.
  • Premium 150 grit cuts and scores surfaces faster for more effective cleaning and deburring. Traditional plumbers’ rolls typically use less aggressive grit material.
  • 100% Waterproof – Wet conditions have absolutely no adverse effect on the performance or durability of Blue Monster abrasive cloth.
  • 2" Width – 33% wider than traditional 1-1/2" wide plumbers’ rolls. Blue Monster provides contractors with more “surface-to-surface” coverage.
  • Bright Blue color – Bright color makes it easy to find in dark or low-light work spaces.
  • Perfect for pipe diameter 2" and larger.