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5-2-1 SPD60 Surge Protector


5-2-1 SPD60 Surge Protector, 120/240V, Rated up to 60,000 Amps

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Protect your home's air conditioning system by installing a 5-2-1 Surge Protector.

The 5-2-1 Surge Protector keeps your air conditioning system safe as it is specially designed to interrupt power surges, so they never reach your equipment. Studies show that average home or business sees 300 potentially damaging surges each and every year. In fact, with more demand on the power grid, customers are seeing lower quality electrical service, which means even more damaging surges.

• Protects equipment from damaging electrical surges
• Protects equipment from lightning strikes
• Saves homeowners from costly repairs

Protection For:

• Entire HVAC unit
• Furnaces
• Heat Pumps
• Motors
• Refrigeration Systems
• Electro-Mechanical Devices


• Certified under UL-1449 4th edition
• Incorporates the latest in protection technology using patented MOV parts
• Two Diagnostic Lights: Green LED indicates that surge protection is present; Red LED indicates that the device has power
• Response time < 5 nanoseconds
• Easy installation at the electrical panel or disconnect
• 120/240V single phase protection
• Maximum surge current 60,000 amps