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Testo 0590 7503 750-3 - Digital Voltage Tester with GFCI Test

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Testo 0590 7503 750-3 - Digital Voltage Tester with GFCI Test


The 750-3 can perform GFCI Circuit tests on AC outlets. When performing a GFCI circuit test, a 35 mA load is applied to the circuit. The testo 750 vibrates ensuring that the GFCI circuit test is active. In addition to the above features, the testo 750-3 includes a 3-digit LCD showing the actual voltage measurements.

The testo 750 voltage testers are the first instruments to include an all-around viewable LED voltage indication. All three models include low input impedance, phase sequence, continuity test, and meet CAT III 1000 V CAT IV 600 V safety standards.

  • GFCI Test Function
  • 3-digit LCD showing the actual voltage
  • measurements
  • Patented all-around viewable LED voltage bar indication
  • Built-in flashlight for testing in dark places


Delivery Scope

testo 750-3 digital voltage tester with low impedance, continuity, and phase sequence with GFCI test, 3 digit LCD, and flashlight.


  • Batteries
  • Measuring tip protector
  • Measuring tip caps



Ideal for voltage testing

  • Clear, all-round LED display, LCD, large fibre optic, torch for measuring point illumination, anti-slip ring and ergonomic handle, RCD trigger function, vibrating load buttons

Overview of Applications

  • Test electrical circuits or systems for voltage or de-energization (according to DIN EN 61243-3:2010)
  • Single pole voltage testing to determine whether conductors are live
  • Checking the rotating magnetic field
  • Checking RCD circuit breakers
  • Testing voltage supply in live wires


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