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NAVAC NMV1 Micron Vacuum Gauge

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NAVAC NMV1 Micron Vacuum Gauge

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It uses the Pirani high-precision vacuum sensor to precisely measure vacuum levels. Digital display affords a comprehensive view of vacuum conditions. When reaching the preset vacuum level, it will buzz as a reminder. When the vacuum level decreases from the preset vacuum level, it will buzz rapidly and flash the backlit to warn of leaks.

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Pirani Vacuum Sensor

  • Professional grade
  • More precise

Large Backlit Display

  • Easy-to-read large digital display
  • Backlit for clarity
  • Auto power off

Buzzing Alert

  • Vacuum level reminder
  • Vacuum leakage warning

Ergonomic Design

  • Easy to carry



    • Maximum overload pressure:  14 psi
    • Range:  0-10000 Pa, 0-100 mBar, 0-75 mmHg, 0-75000 microns
    • Resolution:  0.01 (10 Pa), 0.0001 (10 mBar), 0.0001 (10 mmHg), 1 (30000 microns)
    • Accuracy:  15-750 micron:  ±5% of reading (at 68°F)
    • Operating temperature:  32-122°F (0-50°C)
    • Unit:  Pa, mBar, mmHg, microns
    • Sensor:  Pirani sensor
    • Buzzer alarm:  90 dB, shut down after 10 seconds
    • Weight:  4.5 oz


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