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Harris D620F1 Dynaflow® Phos-Copper-Silver Brazing Rods, 28 Sticks

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Harris D620F1 Dynaflow® Phos-Copper-Silver Brazing Rods, 28 Sticks

Phos-copper-silver filler metal for brazing copper or brass used in the HVAC and refrigeration industries.

Dynaflow melts and flows at temperatures very close to Stay Silv 15, and provides comparable brazed mechanical properties. This makes Dynaflow an excellent cost effective alternative to the 15% silver alloys. This premium, medium range silver alloy has been meticulously formulated to even tighter specifications than our standard copper-to-copper alloys.

  • Premium, medium-range, alloy for brazing copper or brass.
  • Excellent strength and ductility.
  • Economical replacement of 15% silver alloys.
  • When heated above its liquidus, can penetrate tight connections.
  • Wide melting range provides ability to fill loose connections and "cap" or "build up" around the finished joint.
  • Self-fluxing on copper and copper-to-copper connections. Use Stay-Silv® white flux for brazing brass or copper-to brass.
  • Corrosion resistance is generally similar to the copper base metal
  • Not recommended for brazing steel or other ferrous base metals
  • Due to its phosphorus content should not be used if the braze is exposed to sulfur or sulfur compounds in service.
  • Conforms to the EU Reach & RoHS directive


Chemical Composition:  Silver 5.5-6.5%; Phosphorus 5.9-6.2%; Copper Remainder%

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