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DiversiTech 230-MB17W 17IN. HEF-T-BLOCK™ (WHITE)

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DiversiTech 230-MB17W 17IN. HEF-T-BLOCK™ (WHITE)


The Hef-T-Block™, 17in, 230-MB17W is a white heavy duty mounting base used when a condenser must be bolted to the base. The base is used mainly on rooftop and ground applications to raise unit above surface level. Used primarily on ductless condensers, the sliding rail design allows for quick and easy attachment to equipment mounting feet. Comes complete with mounting hardware and end caps.



Ductless Condenser
Load Capacity:
900 lb. per Block
17 in.
Bolted to Equipment
Ducted or Ductless:  Ductless
Includes: Hardware



Technical Details