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Nu-Calgon 4179-20 Gallo Gun Mag 20 CO2 cartridge, 12 cartridges

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Nu-Calgon 4179-20 Gallo Gun Mag 20 CO2 cartridge, 12 cartridges

The 20g CO2 cartridge fits in the cartridge base of the Gallo Gun condensate drain line cleaner.  


1. Place the CO2 cartridge in the dual-sized cup and start threading it on to the drain cleaner making sure the threads are starting in correct alignment.
2. While holding the tool with the cartridge in an upright position (the tip of the cartridge facing upward), screw in until the cartridge just contacts the puncture pin, and then quickly and firmly twist it in until it stops. This will prevent loss of CO2 gas.
3. Make sure the fittings on the hose are screwed in hand tight to seal and the nozzle is placed correctly and held in place firmly in the line to be cleared.
4. Press the trigger button firmly for burst of CO2 (about a one to two second burst) the drain should clear and you will you have a second burst left to make sure the drain is cleared or go from another direction. Important: make sure to completely discharge any unused gas and remove the cartridge after use. This prevents the seals from setting and extends the life of the tool
CO2 Cartridge Warning: Contents under pressure. Do not heat above 120ºF/49ºC or puncture. Do not inhale or discharge toward face or body. Keep cartridge and dispenser out of the reach of children.

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